The Gift of Gifting

At From Us, we help communities come together to convey their best wishes through an event message board.

The message board can be transformed into:


a slideshow to facilitate a virtual celebration


become a virtual ‘Guest Book’ for contributors to upload their event photos and videos for the recipient to treasure forever


a virtual ‘Scrap Book’ of old memories through photos and videos


a book of condolences

Our platform allows you, The Guardian, to create an Event inviting Contributors to add their best wishes to the message board.

Bringing together people from different countries, faiths, and cultures, we strive to offer an inclusive and diverse platform that resonates with everyone.

Ready to become a Guardian?


Decide what type of event you are creating, between Standard and Divine Create your event in moments by clicking the ‘Create Event’ button Here you will be asked who the event is for, what the occasion is, and when you would like the message board to close. We will also ask you whether you wish the event to be searchable publicly on our website or whether this is a closed group where contributors must have the link to access it.


Pick a template, upload a background photo and personalise your event to best represent the moment and recipient.


Invite Contributors to add their best wishes to the message board by sharing the link with them. Simply click on the logo of your preferred communication means, such as WhatsApp, Social Media or email For boards that are intended to become virtual guest books, we recommend sharing the link via QR codes that can be printed off and displayed at the event.


Close your event and deliver it your way! You may bring everyone together virtually, transforming the message board into an online slideshow. Maybe you bring everyone together in person to wish the recipient well while watching a rolling slideshow on a big screen.