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Welcome to From Us, the ultimate message
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Welcome to 'From Us' – Organising group cards and gifts should be a heartwarming experience, but for husband-and-wife Charlie and Wendi, the logistics of coordinating contributions from multiple individuals, choosing and purchasing gifts within deadlines, in addition to the day job, had become overwhelming.

Wendi manages a group of offices spread across multiple countries, where almost every week someone has a special birthday, is getting married, having a baby, getting promoted, buying a new home, and so on.

Furthermore, post the global pandemic, so many people were now working from home, from around the world, the celebrations had moved from being in person to virtual. It had become a challenge to deliver a virtual occasion that felt inclusive, unique to the recipient and meaningful.

Meanwhile, Charlie was receiving multiple communications from people with different opinions, tastes and budgets in the attempted coordination of an end of term hamper for a teacher at his child’s college. Then there was the recognition of the sports team leaders, after school clubs and many more end of term gifts to be purchased.

Charlie and Wendi brainstormed a solution over drinks in their village local, that could enhance the experience of not only the organizer who collated messages and contributions, but the recipient in how a virtual celebration was delivered. ‘From Us’ was born.

Over the next few years, they developed the idea of a contribution platform that allowed messages to be easily collated and shared, enabling all contributors to enjoy seeing the messages received.

‘From Us’ was launched at their wedding celebration, where the idea came to utilize the platform as an online Wedding Guest Book, allowing guests to not only post messages but also upload their photos and videos of the occasion to be shared with the couple as a lasting memory of their special day.

The company vision stems from a frustration that the joy of giving a gift had become a time-consuming chore. FROM US strives to offer communities the straight forward gift of giving.

Join FromUs today and be a part of a movement to spread positivity, empathy, and unity through the power of words. It's time to make a difference, one heartfelt message at a time. Start sharing your greetings and become a catalyst for meaningful connections on FromUs.